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Most of us have been in that place in our relationships or sex lives where we just need a little help to push things forward. The relationship may not be broken and your sex life may not be dead, but something just isn’t working, and you find you may just need a little advice to spice things up again and feel that spark fly! Luckily, for those times, there is Josey Vogels to turn to!


Josey Vogels is Canada’s top favorite relationship and sex expert, providing women and couples with fresh advice and knowledge of how to appreciate and know their bodies, sassy and forthright ideas for how to keep things spicy in the bedroom, and valuable information to enhance and maintain that special spark in romantic relationships. Her laid back and open approach to the way she delivers her advice makes her an ideal person to turn to for any and all sex and relationship concerns.


Josey is the author of the nationally syndicated relationship column My Messy Bedroom and the dating advice column Dating Girl, which can be read in various magazines across Canada!

My Messy Bedroom is a quirky and sexy column offering advice on sexual endeavors, ideas to switch it up and keep things interesting and fun in the bedroom, how to truly be in touch with your body, and discover the connections between feminism and sex. Her straight forwardness, confidence, and knowledge in all areas sex related offers readers entertaining articles with practical insights that readers can put into practice. Dating Girl is a column dedicated to addressing reader’s real life relationship issues. Readers write in on various issues they may be facing in their relationships, problems they have with dating etiquette, or questions they have in regards to dating behaviors. Josey offers fresh and honest answers to all relationship related concerns and questions, providing readers with engaging and enlightening tips.


Want to read up on great advice Josey has offered her readers? Check out archived columns of My Messy Bedroom and Dating Girl! You just never know what you may learn!

More Than Just Great Columns!

Although she began as a columnist, offering fresh and exciting advice on intimate matters, Josey has branched off to write a number of books in response to her popularity. Her books remain true to the wittiness and sass that Josey brings to all her advice, finding the bridge between realistic and entertaining.  In addition to her relationship columns, Josey has published five books on sex and relationships:

  • Bedside Manners: Sex Etiquette Made Easy, Josey’s latest book offering witty and snappy advice for women on how to keep the dignity while keeping the action HOT!
  • Better Sex in No Time: A Guide For Busy Couples
  • The Secret Language of Girls, which has been published in several languages and was made into a documentary.
  • Dating: A Survival Guide From the Frontlines
  • More Love and Sex From My Messy Bedroom, a sequel to her first book and as a response to the popularity of her relationships column.
  • My Messy Bedroom: Love and Sex in the 90’s, Josey’s first book due to a popular demand for more exciting advice to cure her fans’ sizzling curiosities.

Want to learn more about her books? You can read further the synopses of each of her Books, read to the first chapters to some of her books (and find yourself hooked on her sizzling responses to intimate matters), and access links to purchase Josey’s books to add to your book collection! 


 The popularity of My Messy Bedroom not only led to Josey writing a book on the subject. In 2001, Josey also hosted the 26 episode series of the Gemini-nominated television series, My Messy Bedroom on the Women’s Television Network. In 2008, Josey began hosting the CBC Radio One weekly talk show, Between You and Me, which combined research, practicality, and sassy wit to deliver original, compassionate, and unpredictable sex related advise to her listeners.  

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Want More From Josey?

In February 1994, Josey began writing her first sex and relationships column, My Messy Bedroom. Although those around the office enjoyed the pitch for the column, it was believed that she would run out of topics to discuss within six months. The column lasted for more than 13 years! Additionally, she went on to create other columns, blog, write books, host television series, host radio series, and has interviewed with multiple magazines and programs across Canada and the United States.

Apparently, everyone wants Josey, and can’t seem to get enough of her (buy hey, can we blame anyone for wanting to go back for more?)! Her forthrightness, honesty, compassion, and confidence produces original and informative advice that is witty, entertaining, and original. Even if we don’t have something in particular we are pondering about in our own relationships or sex life, her advice is presented in a way that everyone can enjoy and even gives us something to ponder from time to time (how many of us thought of the proper way to buy lingerie for our partners before or the best way to approach a stranger we find ourselves attractive to? Just the suggestion makes us want to try her advice out!).

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