Acting in Porn

Dear Josey; 
Can a young male make a lot of money acting in straight, gay or bi porn movies? Where can males find such work in Montreal or Canada? Do requirements for gay and straight porn differ? How about the earning power for men in the two genres? 
Dear Romeo; 
So many guys have written me with similar inquiries, I’m beginning to think we’ve got a bit of a fantasy epidemic out there. I recently attended a local porn shoot and the men participating were all first timers. They told me how it had been a fantasy of theirs to star in a porn video. This said, one guy who wrote me with questions about getting into the biz insisted it’s more about making some fast cash to pay off student loans. Go figure. 
The guys from the shoot I was on said the hardest part (or not so hard, which is part of the problem) is performing in front of the cameras. This is one area where women are at an advantage. We can fake it. You can’t. While most guys fantasize about being paid to have sex with a porn actress, most who do it say it’s hard work (quite literally) and having witnessed it first hand, I can tell you that like all film shoots, it’s a lot of hurry up and wait. 
If you’re still interested, here’s the deal according to the folks I spoke to in the industry. 
There is very little activity in Canada and most porn is shot in Los Angeles (the San Fernando Valley, to be more specific, according to one source). This same source says guys approach him all the time about doing adult films and he refers them to the World Modeling Talent Agency in LA. 
Gay pays more than straight, so much, he says, that “gay for pay” is a common saying in the industry. Also so much so that many straight guys go “gay” to make more money – like Frank Towers who changed his name to Mark Slade, and signed an exclusive contract with well-known gay production company Studio 2000. 
One big difference Towers noted between the gay and straight industries is the treatment he receives from the companies. “The men on the gay side are treated like the top women stars in straight porn, which is very cool,” Towers said in an on-line interview. Sadly, Towers’ switch also turned off a lot of straight-video producers who wouldn’t hire him after he did gay porn. 
“They all said that the girls wouldn’t work with me,” Towers said. Yeah, I’m sure that’s why. 
Gay pays more because the guy is the fantasy. In straight porn, the woman is the fantasy and the guys can be butt ugly. That way, the regular Joes watching the thing aren’t threatened and can even fantasize that they could get their own ugly butt laid by the kind of woman they see on the screen. Gay audiences want to fantasize about being with the dreamy, well-hung heroes in gay porn. As a result, it’s harder to get into the gay market. In straight porn, you basically have to be able to keep it up and come on cue (not an easy task, I realize), but in gay porn you have to do all that and be gorgeous. 
One industry insider says he advises straight guys who want to get into it to get their own video camera and hit the amateur market. If you want to submit amateur gay stuff, head to , an excellent on-line gay-video-industry resource. Their slogan: Hard Dick Energy. You can access various gay-video production companies through this site, like Manhunter pays $100 (US) for your amateur tapes. Titan is another company that regularly looks for new talent, but they’re definitely looking for the fantasy boys. “To work in this business you have to have two out of three things: great face, killer body, huge cock. At Titan we look for all three plus the right attitude.” You get the idea.
You can also send photos (Polaroids preferred and they need front, back and hard-on shots) to <>.
Good luck.