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Welcome Troops:

  • A Word From the Frontlines

Shop ’til You Drop:

  • Are we still looking for love in all the usual places?

Moving In For The Kill:

Details, Details:

  • You’ve Snagged a Date, So What’s Next?

How To Make An Impression:

  • Avoiding First-Date Faux Pas’s

Wanna Come Up for A Drink?

  • Going All the Way

Is this a Date?

  • When You’re Just Not Sure

Don’t Be Cruel:

  • The Art of Rejection

 Now What?

  • Devising Your Follow-up Plan

Desperately Seeking, Um…

  • Just What The Hell Are We Looking For Anyway?

The Science Of Attraction:

  • A Lab Report

You’re Gonna Make It After All:

  • Final Words