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Toronto through the eyes of…Josey Vogels


Valentine’s day a day of love, lust and stress

(Edmonton Journal)

Slippery Customers

(Toronto Star)

21st Century Sex with Josey Vogels


Sexpert Finds Home Therapeutic

(National Post Homes)

More Sex Please

(Flare Magazine)

Josey Vogels: safe sex Olympian

(Imprint, University of Waterloo)

Protocol Girl

(Access, Books)

Dispenser of naked truth about sex

(Toronto Star)

Sex and the Syndicated Girl

Why Josey Vogels is too hot for Halifax

(This Magazine)


Give the cheater a chance to come clean about affair.

(Calgary Sun)

The art of the bitch
Complain, complain: taking them down a peg or two


Sex Fantasies Abound
Some experts say they’re healthy while others are more qualified.

(Edmonton Sun)

Step Into My Parlour…
“Sexpert” Josey Vogels chats about sex and relationships.
(From gayguidetoronto.com)

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Sex and the City Desk
Sex columns are breaking out of the back pages of alternative weeklies. But will they make it in the mainstream?
(Ryerson Review of Journalism)

A word (or two) from the Bedroom
Josey Vogels: An interview with the author of My Messy Bedroom.
(The Gate.ca)

Girl Talk: A User’s Guide
Understanding The Secret Language of Girls.
(Book Review: Globe and Mail)

Coming to grips with Girl Talk
Author Josey Vogels muses on gossip, shopping and feminine wisdom in The Secret Language of Girls.
(Toronto Star)

Josey Vogels treats a surfer right
Net-head and online smut aficionado/reviewer “Jimmy Hat” found Josey by accident…and he’s really glad that he did!
(From jimmy-hat.com)

Sexpert finds a sun roof handy
Cars and sex? Sure, why not. Josey explains her passion for cruising, her hot new wheels and the open road.
(Toronto Sun)

Love life lacking? It’s … DATING GIRL … to the rescue!
Look no further for answers to your dating dilemmas. Dating Girl hits the airwaves this fall with her own brand of sassy, superheroic advice.
(Toronto Sun)

Naughty or Nice?
“Sex and wine are just fine, thank you,” columnist Josey Vogels chats about wine, romance and yes, sex.
(Cover Story: Vines magazine)

Opening bedroom doors
Columnist Josey Vogels tells sexxxy stories out of school.
(Concordia University Magazine)

Josey Vogels brings her messy bedroom to Brock
‘Sex is messy, but fun,’ Josey indicates, determined to expose her messes to the masses.
(The Brock Press, Brock University)

The ’90s guru of sex
Profile: A quick peek into Josey’s “Messy Bedroom.”
( Maclean’s Magazine)

Listen up, you dateless wonders!
In her latest book, relationship “sexpert” Josey Vogels offers must-read tips for the romantically-challenged.
(Imprint, University of Waterloo)