Imprint, University of Waterloo

Imprint, University of Waterloo

by Julia Harries

There’s no better line to rev up a crowd than, “Does anyone here like having sex?” Josey Vogels sure knew her stuff, as she educated sex-interested students this past Wednesday. From “safe sex Olympics” to Hello Kitty Vibrators, Josey proved to the roughly 300 enthusiastic students that she in fact is Canada’s own Carrie Bradshaw.

A journalism graduate from Concordia University, Josey was always “the informed friend” about sex. She began writing a sex column titled My Messy Bedroom and her reputation as a sexpert ballooned in the years following. Now the author of five popular sex books includingBedside Manners: Sex Etiquette Made Easy, Josey has dedicated the past 10 years of her life promoting safe and healthy sexual lifestyles.

The night’s presentation was both fun and informative. Josey dispelled many myths about sex and sexual activity and even discussed the hardships of “falling in love” and the joys of “really connecting with another person.”

Through her personal sexual tales and her advice on proper sex etiquette, Josey’s professionalism and wide range of sexual information allowed everyone to enjoy the evening — this was an educational session for both your novice sexual supporter and your resident sexpert.

My absolute favourite aspect of Josey’s presentation was her motivation regarding masturbation. She animatedly enlightened the crowd about her participation in a “masturbate-a-thon,” and referred to the words of Woody Allen to make us all feel good about pleasuring ourselves: “Don’t knock masturbation, it’s sex with someone you love”.

Unfortunately, Josey’s crowd wasn’t as open about sex as she was. Yelling out the occasional comment, most students preferred to discuss sex from their seats. There were some keeners though, who jumped up at the opportunity to participate in Josey’s games (some more keen than others).

Josey’s motto of the evening, “You teach people how to treat you,” reinforced to the crowd how essential it is to be in charge of your own sexual experiences and make sure you’re getting what you need from a sexual partner. The sexpert concluded her session with some fun sex trivia and thanked the audience by showering them with condoms and lube.

Good times! Josey was smiley and approachable, and hung around after the presentation to answer specific sex/relationship questions and take photos. I was thrilled with Josey’s fun yet educational approach to sex — it’s no wonder she’s so successful! For more information about Josey Vogels, visit her website at