I was thrilled with Josey’s fun yet educational approach to sex — it’s no wonder she’s so successful!  — Julia Harries,  Imprint, University of Waterloo

If Sue Johansen is your salty grandma, then Josey Vogels is your sassy gal pal.” — Globe & Mail

“Vogels’ […] frank take on the subject matter is a refreshing change from the all the spitefully deranged Carrie Bradshaw wannabes.” — Leah McLaren, Globe & Mail

“Breezy [and] naughty.” — Entertainment Weekly

“Vogels offers frank, gutsy advice.” — Mademoiselle

“Vogels’ approach is frank, while providing lively and thoughtful advice.” — Toronto Sun

“Josey Vogels writes about relationships with compassion and understanding.” –-The Montreal Gazette

“Vogels delves into everything from prostitution to true love with a clear eye, a lack of embarrassment and a sense of humour.” — Winnipeg Sun

“Vogels never pulls her punches, or her kisses, when discussing the often indelicate dance of romance. Her ruminations are highly personal, and she is above all an entertainer, who doesn’t mind being the butt of her own jokes.” — The Daily News, Halifax

“…a flirty celebrant of the sensual…” — Vancouver Sun