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Welcome to My Messy Bedroom

Lookin’ for love

  1. I Love You: Brought to you by Hallmark
  2. An Obsession: Admitting you have a problem is the first step
  3. Leggo My Ego: Serial monogamy and other laws of nature
  4. Wanna Fight? Love’s true test or wicked foreplay
  5. Commit Me: Telltale signs of our biggest fear
  6. Scary Stuff: Relationships strike fear in our hearts
  7. Family Affair: Surviving the nuclear attack
  8. Getting Dumped: The road to self rediscovery

We’re All In This Alone

  1. On Your Own: Survival tips for the single girl
  2. Loving Yourself: Taking things in your own hands
  3. Nice Butt! The science of attraction
  4. Cruise Control: A real pick-me-up
  5. Takin It Easy: Sex “casual”ties

Going All The Way

  1. And the Survey Says…: Whew, we’re normal!
  2. The First Time: No one expects you to get it right
  3. Lip Service: Kissing do’s and don’ts
  4. Talkin’ Dirty: Testing our aural sex skills
  5. Feeling Edgy: I’ve never met an orgasm I didn’t like
  6. Virgin Again: A second chance at chastity
  7. Safety Rules: Is everyone really playing by them?

Sex For Sale

  1. Sex Toys ‘r’ Us: A trip to the sex supermarket
  2. Mind Games: Fantasy as fiction
  3. Porn Stars: Women get in on the act
  4. Virtual Virgin: Searching for smut on the Internet
  5. Body Signs: Women are such a good marketing tool
  6. Call Me Peaches: Dial-a-babes do it for a living

Me and the girls

  1. Table Talk: A woman’s place is definitely in the kitchen
  2. Cover Girls: Getting rid of my insecurities, my insensitive man, and my inner thighs.
  3. Booby Trap: Why you can’t find a bra that fits
  4. Boob Job: When you need to get something off your chest
  5. Raggin Out: The menace of menstruation
  6. Office Grrrls: “Our arches aren’t gonna take it any more”
  7. Just Asking: A few simple questions

(VĂ©hicule Press, 1995)