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Welcome back to My Messy Bedroom

Flying Solo

  1. Parting Words: 50 ways not to leave your lover
  2. The Ex-files: Learning from love gone by
  3. Past Tense: Can ex-lovers’ become friends?
  4. On the Rebound: How to bounce back with style
  5. Feast or Famine: How to get yourself through the dry spells
  6. Fling Fever: A little something to tide you over
  7. Being Alone: Some of us just aren’t cut out for it

Keeping it Together

  1. Fishy tale: Fairytale love
  2. Keeping Romance Alive: You don’t bring me flowers anymore
  3. Verbal Skills: Learning the fine art of communication
  4. Feeling Green: When jealousy strikes
  5. Cheat Sheet: Do it right or don’t do it at all
  6. Moving In: The do’s and don’t’s of shacking up
  7. Present Tense: It’s the thought that counts and don’t you forget it

Feelin’ Sexy

  1. Guys talk: What turns them on?
  2. Girls talk: What turns them on?
  3. Who’s Counting?: You’ve slept with how many people?!
  4. States of Desire: Doing the labido lambada
  5. Location, Location: Where’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex?
  6. After Thoughts: Learning good afterplay
  7. Sex Unlimited: Bringing fantasy to life
  8. Coming Clean: Learning your partner’s STD’s
  9. Condom Nation: How come we’re still not protecting ourselves?

Modern Love

  1. Sexposition: A trip to the Salon Erotique
  2. Psychic Alliance: Turning your love life over to the stars
  3. Power Trip: Life as a professional dominatrix
  4. Ties That Bind: Bondage 101
  5. Piercing Insights: Turning your body into a metal deposit
  6. Undie World: Your latest fantasy, now available on video
  7. Gender Neutral: Sometime, boys will be girls

Man Trouble

  1. Teenie Weenie: Let Dr Stubbs enhance your manhood
  2. Exciting work: Helping guys who can’t get it up
  3. Endurance test: Do we really want you to last all night long?
  4. Male PMS?: It might be that time of the month for him too
  5. “Nice” guys: Why can’t sensitive guys get laid?

Girlie Bits

  1. G, is it Whiz?: The elusive search for the female G-spot
  2. Labia Envy: Size matters for some women too
  3. Kiss ‘n tell: Why we tell our girlfirends everything
  4. Ouch! : Sometimes sex can be a real pain
  5. I Love Trash: Why women love romance novels
  6. Dew Me!: Smut for girls
  7. Chicks Tell All: Everything you ever wanted to know about women

(VĂ©hicule Press, 1998)