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National Post (Books), June 12, 2004

“Just because we’re more sexually liberated, doesn’t mean we have to be unabashed vulgarians,” writes Vogels.
It’s hard to believe Josey Vogels has a messy bedroom — the Montreal-based columnist who’s been writing about all things sex for over 10 years seems to be invoking the chaste spirit of Emily Post. In her new book on sex etiquette, Bedside Manners (HarperCollins), Vogels explains how to get down and dirty, without being quiteso dirty.

Bedside Manners is a book that looks pretty on the bedside table — it has a retro-high-school-textbook look, with glossy pink and brown cover art and minimalist, faded-orange graphics inside.

But the text reads like a necking session that just never progresses. It’s fun when Vogels, known as the Carrie Bradshaw of Canada, mouths off in the introduction, but page after page of “do this, but not this; try that, but not that” becomes tedious fast.

Bedside Manners is, at its most interesting, a good way to bone up (sorry) on current sex terminology — for example, when a man is “Canadian,” this apparently means he’s not circumcised.

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