Bedside Manners

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We’ve learned how to write the perfect thank-you note, but do we know how to make a well-behaved booty call?

Even for the most sexually liberated among us, navigating the murky waters of sexual decorum can leave us feeling swamped. Fortunately, sex-and-relationship expert Josey Vogels is here to help with her new book, Bedside Manners, a fun and irreverent guide that would make Miss Manners blush!

Josey Vogels knows that today’s woman doesn’t need yet another guide to building the perfect relationship or finding the man of her dreams–she needs practical solutions and snappy comebacks to keep her dignity intact and the action hot. From learning how to tactfully suggest new sexual techniques to organizing your first orgy, Vogels provides lively and thoughtful advice for your dirtiest dilemmas.

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The Secret Language of Girls


From shopping and sex to the history of gossip and the girl rituals of today, The Secret Language of Girls is the ultimate insider’s guide to the world of girl talk. It even features a must-read glossary of girlspeak for the guys!

Intelligent, insightful and more than just a little cheeky, The Secret Language of Girls is a fresh and sassy peek into the rituals of female bonding and communication and is the perfect handbook for gals of all ages.


Also available in French, Portuguese and Japanese.



Dating: A Survival Guide From

the Frontlines

Punchy and provocative, forthright and funny as hell, sex and relationships diva Josey Vogels tells it like it is in this hard-hitting, entertaining and enlightening look at dating in “the age of the jaded.” 

From first impressions to first-date faux pas, one-liners to one-night stands, Dating: A Survival Guide from the Frontlines (Raincoast, 1999; Adams Media, US, 1999) delivers savvy tips, lively insight and downright good advice on the often frustrating but always interesting art of coupling.



More Love & Sex From My Messy Bedroom

“Josey Vogels does what most writers cannot, she gets naked, emotionally if not physically, to plumb the depths of sex and love.”
-Globe and Mail

The sequel to the bestselling My Messy Bedroom. From foreplay to afterplay, Josey Vogels satisfies our hunger for information about sex and relationships. Her column “My Messy Bedroom” appears in several magazines across Canada, and her work has been published in Flare, Chatelaine, Ocean Drive and the Montreal Gazette.



My Messy Bedroom: Love and Sex in the 90’s

If you have ever been in lust, crushed, infatuated, or had boring sex, you’ll find yourself in My Messy Bedroom. With tongue in cheek, Josey Vogels takes us to the heart of intimate matters.